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Is Veterinary Physiotherapy right for my dog?

We have many owners contact us unsure about Veterinary Physiotherapy and wanting some advise on next steps.

We are always happy to chat and will give you all of the information you need to make a well informed decision about your dogs care.

We take everything at your dogs pace, working hard to build a positive and trusting relationship with both you and your dog.

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We use a variety of manual therapy techniques along with electrotherapies within your dogs treatment plan. Each plan is clinically reasoned and bespoke to your individual dogs needs.


Manual techniques: Massage and Stretching

A variety of techniques including effleurage and petrissage are used to relieve areas of tension along with trigger points.  Massage is proven to improve extensibility of muscles, reduce pain and swelling. It is used prior to any REP and stretching.



Kelly only uses electrotherapies with a good evidence base.  We have both Class 3b Laser and Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT).  Both are used for their pain relieving and healing properties. They are non invasive and pain free treatments for your dog which are really well tolerated.


Remedial Exercise Prescription (REP)

Also known as owner homework, this is a series of exercises you can carry out with your dog between appointments.  We will demonstrate each to you to ensure you are comfortable to carry them at at home. Plans are tailored to individual dog needs. 


Hydrotherapy: Underwater Treadmill

This reduced weight bearing modality is really useful for rehabilitation of multiple conditions.  It is great for building  muscle, reducing pain and swelling and encouraging greater range of motion through joints.  For dogs who have had spinal surgery, it is essential for re programming central pattern generators (teaching dogs to walk again).


Stance Analyser - A tool for early lameness detection and progress tracking

This non invasive procedure allows us to see how your dog distributes their weight across all four limbs.  It allows us to detect lameness and track progress over time.

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